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Two poems; Imprisoned and Rest

So, here we are, making a brand new start. The idea of this blog is for me to make my poems and other things available to whoever happens to find them and enjoy them.

But yes, to get things going, here I have two brand new poems to enjoy:


I feel trapped behind these walls so thick and white,
these echoes squeezing, closing in too tight.
My claustrophobia kicks in with all its might.
The elevator takes me nowhere.

The hallways are too clean, so way too clean,
and I hear footsteps going nowhere, coming in.
I have visitors so happy that they sing.
Yet I am stuck here.

Still, the worst in all this must be, so I fear,
I see your back receding, cold and strong and clear,
while I sit here crying out ‘don’t leave me here’.
Don’t leave me here.

This second one is just a silly little thing I wrote for the sake of writing something, and getting something out of my cluttered head.


When I was young,
my pen was pulled on page,
and when I grew,
I hoped it would not change.

Now I confess,
it might have been the best
if I had not;
at least my mind could rest.



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