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Poem: On Words and Their Consequences

I’ve noticed that sometimes the most commonplace and dull conversations can produce a line or two that stick in your head and can become something bigger, better, and completely unexpected. So happened with this poem, which came into being after a rather unpleasant exchange of opinions I had with a friend. Unpleasant in the sense that we were criticizing someone we do not actually even know.

Anyhow, I was pleased to notice that I was able to produce something like this from a simple ‘an echo without a voice’. Personally, I quite like this one:

On Words and Their Consequences

The empty space around me screams,
the night outside the window dreams,
blows silent whispers in my ears,
dries the path of my cold tears.
The house, these rooms, they murmur quiet,
but I have not abandoned yet
this day ā€“ I do not want to let it go
and slip into the past before I know
that these words inside my head are true;
these words I think I got from you,
but words that now are only noise,
a senseless echo without a voice.
A pillow tucked behind my head
stores memories that then were said,
I think by you and me alone,
in this here room ā€“ now just a moan
is all that’s left of our sweet sorrow ā€“
shared together before tomorrow.

And then, a breath of quiet solitude
at last reveals my endless gratitude.



2 thoughts on “Poem: On Words and Their Consequences

  1. This is really good šŸ™‚ I like the lines “but words that now are only noise,
    a senseless echo without a voice.”

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