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Two poems: Storyline and Seasons

I’ve been feeling especially inspired lately. I’m not quite sure why, but I won’t complain. I came up with two more little poems and thought I’d post them here already:


It happened to me late last night,
I lost my pretty storyline,
I came late upon the train of thought;
the tickets were all sold and bought,
and someone took mine, stole away
the only love the world me gave –
I could not find it anywhere.
And all I gave it, love and care
are useless now, and lost in life.
They do not know how I have tried.

The thought about it haunts me still,
knocks shyly on the windowsill,
stands silent, mourning by the door,
at the end of this long corridor.
Hopes maybe, someday, through the pain,
I’ll see that gorgeous train again.

I had some problems with this second one, since I haven’t written anything without rhymes for a good while now. Even here you can see some internal rhyming, and in the end three lines end with the same sound. I didn’t want to change anything, though.


So fades away another year,
dies slowly, buried under Fall
and darkness takes away our light,
our life and happy summer thoughts.
But all now gone will be reborn,
when year turns young from infancy,
and leaves now fallen on the river –
browns upon the darkest blues –
will soon again be seen again
as brave new creatures of the sun.
While Winter slowly takes away,
Spring will bring us life once more,
and all that darkness, silence, grief,
will be forgotten, history
when Earth unveils its bright new colors
against the coming Summer’s eve.



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