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Poem: This is not a love poem, this is a poem for a friend

A thought came to me today, that there was a poem about friendship, hidden somewhere within my notes and notebooks that I wrote and forgot soon after. I eventually found it, and thought that I could use it as today’s poetry update:

This is not a love poem, this is a poem for a friend

I didn’t think I’d find a friend like you,
I thought I’d had my share.
There were days when people crowded me,
I felt blessed, I had found so many;
one by one they turned from me,
left me broken, alone and confused.
I said, heart aching,
“I won’t try again.
If friends come, they come;
if they go, they go.
What am I to say to that?”
And out of nowhere,
a new form appeared,
to brighten up my unhappy days.
A friend –
indeed, a friend.
Still, I feel the fear,
I cannot truly trust you,
I face the possibility of a day
when you leave, and
I would be alone again.
With the old emptiness inside.

I’d also like to mention that this poem is dated 29.6.2012, so the title in no way reflects any discussion regarding my choice of themes in my poetry that I’ve had recently with certain people. Just a happy coincidence.
I’d also like to point out that this poem is basically meant for several (3) important friends in my life, that came into it in different times, but are all still very much present and necessary.



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