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Poem: A Warrior

This poem here is actually (but not exactly) about a topic that might cause great controversy here in Portugal, if read in a certain company. However, I believe that it can just as well be read to be about any type of warrior, not necessarily this particular kind. It might simply be about an innate fierceness, a ‘kind of heart anyone would wish to have’, as one of my dear friends put it.

A Warrior

O world; hear, see, behold,
a warrior of the fiercest soul
born from fire, and dirt of earth;
the owner of a stronger heart
and yearning for the gold of glory,
called on by the flames of Victory.
A descendant of the Great Wild Dragon;
his blood tells him to carry on.
Or a rare survivor of an ancient breed;
the strength of giant beasts in need.
And a deeper, stronger power –
as closes in the battle-hour –
hides deep within the core of him,
with an urge and want to kill.

And if you’re still interested in knowing who is this great warrior, here’s a clue.



3 thoughts on “Poem: A Warrior

    1. We all have different views on things, of course, and usually my idea of a warrior might not be exactly on the lines of what I wrote. However, as I hinted in my post, the warrior is, in this case, related to football and the need to win.

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