Uninspired Random Chitchat

It seems that I have, once again, used up all my creative resources. It’s starting to be more than normal, by now, more like a routine, almost… For a while I have all the imaginative power in the world and then, all of a sudden, my  brain just decides to stop.
Of course, this wouldn’t such a big problem, if it wasn’t for the fact that I still want to write. If I lost the imagination and my urge to write with it, it wouldn’t be so bad. Now I’m struggling to write something, anything, but what comes out is horrible. Just words after words, with basically no deeper meaning or no inner poetry whatsoever.

Well, this little break has given me some extra time, now, so I could be concentrating on ‘more important things’. However, I find myself doing nothing, so that’s that… The only thing I’ve been able to do is admiring the great lyrics of some bands I’ve been into already when I was younger, and that pop up again from time to time, after I’ve spent about a year not listening to them at all. So yay for that!
Sometimes I even think that some of my favorite ‘poems’ are lyrics of some rather basic songs. (And no, I’m not talking about your Beatles and whatever here, I’m not interested in those types at all.) Just the way of how certain words go so well with certain sounds. And the fact that you don’t always have to keep to any sort of rhyme or rhythm pattern, because as they are set into music, you can make the words (or syllables) long or short and make up for the breaks of pattern this way.
Sometimes I wish I could write music so I could make songs like PatD, with all those pretty and interesting melodies with rather ambiguous lyrics, or lyrics infested with big big words.

Actually, I did manage to write something, and not even poetry this time. But I still have to go back to it with a rather hard hand and see if it’s actually any good for anything. It’s not my kind of writing at all, so it will most likely end up in the garbage bin. (Not literally of course, I wrote it on my new notebook, and I’m not looking forward to ripping of pages from it any time soon.)



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