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My Favorite Word With Awesome Most Hated Word Bonus Feature!

I was kindly tagged by The Misanthropic Muse to discuss my favorite, and least favorite, words. Thank you for solving my ‘what to write about now’ – problem!

So, my favorite word is actually not a word but two, a word pair; Internal and External. If you’d ask me to choose one of these for the one, I’d choose External.
There is no clear reason for this, really, but I remember walking home one day, from school, some years back (still in Finland), and these two words started spinning around in my head, and they just felt right. Right for what? I don’t know, but ever since then they sometimes come back and still feel just as right as back then.
Try especially to connect them to the notion of love; internal love for yourself, and external love others feel for you (or you feel for others). It just feels so… whole.

My least favorite word, then… Well, this one was harder to choose, since I believe all words are good for something. Though, if talking Finnish, I’d find quite a few that really tick me off. And if talking about not-exactly-words, it would definitely be lol. I mean, come on. It came, it was, it went. Get over it. It’s horrible.
But the one word I could come up with that I really do not appreciate is cliché. The word itself (doesn’t have a nice ring to it in my head), and the idea behind it.
I really hate not being allowed to use a certain expression, word or phrase just because someone else thinks they’re too used somehow. What if I’m particularly fond of that exact way of expressing the idea? What if that’s the only way I can truly put forth the whole of the idea I want to represent? Or what if I used that expression because of the fact that it’s so used everyone knows what it means and it starts not to bear a meaning at all?
How is it possible that a poem or a title or a text can be belittled so fast by one single word, which in itself is a cliché by now?
I don’t think my writing should be deemed to be of any less value because I have inserted an expression that is ‘inferior’ to something else. I chose that one, not because I couldn’t think of another, but because I wanted to. Deal with it.

End of pointless rant. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “My Favorite Word With Awesome Most Hated Word Bonus Feature!

  1. Oh my goodness, I agree with you about cliches! I once wrote a story where the main character was a religious fanatic that was a little slow and would parrot religious tropes and this story got excellent reviews when I had it critiqued, except for one. This one person decided to write me a two page rant on how I need to throw out the entire story and start from scratch or refrain from writing until I learn enough about writing to restrain myself from cliches. I (nicely) told him to bugger off. I won a weekly horror story contest with it, cliches and all.

    Internal and external do have the whole yin and yang kind of thing going on, for sure. Thanks for sharing your words!

    1. I’ve had similar comments on some of my earlier poems, and essays for school when I was younger. Now I try not to use too much clichés, but sometimes you just have to put there that one or too, just for the heck of it!

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