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Project: Vampires

So far, I’ve managed to write a whole 28 (handwritten) pages of my new story. I wrote some five or six pages yesterday, and was therefore able to start my fifth chapter this morning while waiting for my Linguistics teacher to arrive. I will most likely have more time tonight, to continue. Would be great to reach 30 pages – I was thinking that maybe, when/if I reach 50 pages, and the story is still going strong (or alternatively, of course, though not very probably, if I manage to finish it) I might let someone read the whole of it.
I just have to figure out who would be a good victim for such a torture.

During the holidays, I basically put away my pens and papers altogether, and didn’t write not poems, not prose. My mind was in desperate need of rest, from both work and play, so to speak. Even before the break, though, I admit I was much more concentrated on my older, and some newer, Finnish poems, and putting some of them up on this one Finnish site So unfortunately, perhaps, I haven’t written any poems or other texts in English that I could now post here.
And since I’ve had the continuing luck to still have inspiration for my Vampires, I want to see how far exactly can I take it before it ends. The inspiration, that is.

I find myself a bit scared, however, thinking that maybe I’m just waisting time with this project. I write it with language used exactly how I want to use it, and with the intention of the story pleasing only me. This means that I don’t know if the plot, for example, is complete rubbish to someone else, or if the idea behind this or that thing, situation or other, is not clear enough. I’ve always had the problem, sort of, that all the little details of everything are clear in my head, but I forget to mention them in the actual text.
So what if I’m indeed writing something that will always stay as something only I will enjoy, and I find out that maybe I should have used all this time (and space, of the notebook) doing something else, something more… Proper. Or useful. Something that might one day result to something better.



4 thoughts on “Project: Vampires

  1. Oh no – you’re doing what I tend to do… Get into a story, like it, write some of it, then start doubting. Don’t do that. 🙂 The first draft is always a bit rough. You may rework it for a while before it’s better. Each story will bring improvement but only if you finish them.

    Good luck. Keep writing.


    1. Thank you for the encouragement. I’m indeed very excited about this story, and trying really hard not to do anything that in the past has caused me to lose inspiration. Unfortunately this has lead me to doubt the text, but I’ll just have to try and see what happens. 🙂

      1. Yep, just get it all down. Let it flow. Be creative first and allow yourself the time and space to do that.

        Later, As you reread it you’ll think of ways to tweak it.

        Good luck.


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