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Notebooks and Inspirational Quotes

I’m a big fan of notebooks, as many people may have noticed by now, and keep filling one after another.
I usually try to pick  a regular A5 with a darker (hard) cover. However, of the two I’m using at the moment, neither fit in this category. I have an A4 size green notebook I use for bigger stuff like school essays and the story I’m working on right now, and an A5 notebook, the cover of which is mainly white with some nice pink plants or flowers or whatever on it. When I bought it, I was trying to find a better one, but there weren’t any that filled all my criteria. This one at least had a hard cover and the metal rings on the side so the cover can be hidden on the back from disturbing.

Anyhow, to make this notebook more me, I had to modify it somehow. I’m not a big fan of writing on the covers and all that – I remember one notebook I had that I actually covered in pieces of paper that I then wrote over, and eventually took them off to see the actual cover again.
So what I did was to start collecting a nice, colorful collection of what may or may not be called ‘inspirational quotes’. Some of them are truly this, yes, but some are there just to remind me that things get better, and so on.

The first one I put there before I even started to use the notebook as such. The last one I added yesterday; it’s something my mum said in relation to my post on the Vampires -project. 🙂
There’s still plenty of space for more, as you can see. The thing is, I don’t want to specifically go hunting for stuff to put there. No, I want the quotes to come to me, instead. These are things that I read here or there, or things people say to me, things I say, even. Things that get stuck in my head and make me think that ‘hey, that’s actually pretty nice!’


What’s your favorite ‘inspirational quote’?
Where do you keep it, in your head or written somewhere you can see it often enough?


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