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Oral Presentations and Writing Apps

Today I wasn’t going to write anything at all, because of two reasons. First off, on Tuesdays I’m often home so late that I really don’t have time for anything fun. Secondly, yesterday I burned the tip of my middle finger, and it got nicely swollen and colorful because of it. It’s funny, i never realized how important that particular finger is, until now. Things ranging all the way from drinking (holding a glass properly) to using a keyboard were basically impossible. And writing! Yesterday I wouldn’t even have dreamt about holding a pen, and even today, I had to hold it in a different way than I usually do. The worst thing is that today I had English Literature, the subject in which I always take the most notes. So now I have two A4s full of barely legible handwriting, not to mention the tiny scribbles in the course pack. I even took my pad to school today, in case it started hurting again, but luckily I managed without it.

Anyways, I had my oral presentation on the book I wrote about earlier, Shamrock Tea, my Ciaran Carson. I think it went ok, but I don’t have any experience as of yet on what sort of grades that particular teacher usually gives. Let’s just hope for the best.
I was the only one presenting without a powerpoint presentation, and when all the others dug up their computers from their bags, I started feeling a little awkward, so I told the teacher I didn’t have one. Because I don’t have a computer to take to school (ok, we do, but it was acting up for a long time, and we had to send it to be fixed, and I still don’t fully trust it. And I was too lazy to do a ppt, especially since I felt like I could do the presentation without one just as well, if not better). Anyhow, what she said to me then was that if I could do it without it, it’s all good. What she wants is the presentation, not the powerpoint. And then she added, whispering, that actually, she doesn’t like powerpoints at all. And you could see that when the others were giving their presentations, she spent most of the time listening, not looking up at the wall where the ppts were projected.
I like teachers like that, that don’t focus too much on something that is really not even a part of the presentation. I’ve actually been graded down because she teacher didn’t like the powerpoint. And it wasn’t even my fault, since we had to use her computer, and she had a different program than I do. One that showed my pretty theme basically all white…

So, I didn’t get to be first, unfortunately, since that’s what I usually try to do, so I don’t need to sit there panicking any longer that is absolutely needed. I went second. The teacher first asked if I could go last, since the others all needed to use the projector, but I whinced that actually I’d like to do it right then. So she let me. Which was really nice, since after I sat back down, once I had finished my presentation, my phone rang. First I thought it was probably someone trying to sell something or something, so I was prepared to reject it. I peaked, though, and noticed it was my brother, and panicked that maybe something was wrong.  Now, actually, he had told me when I spoke with him on Christmas that he would call me today, exactly, but of course I had forgotten it by now – and only associated the date with my presentation. So instead of calmly excusing myself, I interrupted someone else’s presentation by basically climbing over a group of people sitting between me and the door of the room, and rushed out.
Once I answered, he asked right away if it was a bad time – probably cos my answering took some time – and I told him I was in a class. At almost 7pm, which doesn’t happen in Finland, so of course he had no idea he’d interrupt my class by calling me that time. I’ve already grown rather used to these – pardon my language – sucky timetables, so coming home at 21.00 on a Tuesday has become normal.
Which is not normal.

Anyways, my brother gave me some great news, and I didn’t exactly hurry the conversation, but waited for the presentation of the other girl to end before even thinking about going in. And when I did, my teacher actually asked if I was getting more Christmas presents, cos I had such a stupid smile on my face.
It’s so rare for me to talk to my brothers on the phone, so whenever I do, I get all weird and awkward for the next hour or so. Especially since this one was always my ‘hero’ when I was young, and I miss him (and the other one too, of course) very much all the time.

On a very different note, my friend adviced me today to check out some writing apps for tablets. One of them was iAWriter (or something similar), but the problem was that she has an iPad, and my lovely Mr. Edison is not, so of course it was a nogo. Anyways, I got interested in trying to find one that I could use as if Word itself, and one which I could connect somehow to Dropbox, for example, and if really lucky, write .doc documents with.
And then what? I found one!
It’s called Kingsoft Office, and it’s absolutely free. I haven’t tried it out full scale, yet, but I’m planning on doing that tomorrow. Anyhow, I did play around with it already, connected it to my Dropbox and opened a .docx file I had there already, and it works beautifully. You can do basically everything as with Word, although a little more clicking is necessary, since not all command buttons fit on the tablet screen at the same time.

I also tried out one called Writer, which also has some basic functions like bold and emphasis, etc., etc.. But it seemed a bit too simple for actual writing, and doesn’t – as far as I know – support .docs. Still, I’m willing to keep it here, since it seems perfect for taking rapid notes, for example. I do have Evernote for this, already, but you never know.



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