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Poem: Some Call It Daydreaming

I’ve been taking a short brake from blogging now. I’ve needed it, to save my energy to what’s to come, with all the tests and the big project I have to finish. A couple of days ago, however, I wrote this little poem. It doesn’t have any connection to my life, but I bet some other students out there can relate. Enjoy.

Some Call It Daydreaming (I call it My Time)

Sitting down so quitely, under
the squinting eye of a
mean old teacher –

glasses barely above the nose
she looks at me, thinks
‘that lazy, stupid, useless’
(and I can almost hear her thoughts)
‘will never amount to anything’ –

I forget to be a good kind student
and leave this noisy world
so far behind
I hardly even
remember where I came from.


This is a world of fluffy dinosaurs
and rhinos without a tail.
And maybe just one nasty seagull
picking on some recently deceased,
slightly smelly

Those damn glasses still
barely above the nose.


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