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I really don’t like it when I kind of feel like writing something, but something like probably-the-most-beautiful-song-ever keeps playing in my head, and all I want is to write out those lyrics and call them mine, but I know I can’t ‘cos they’re not. And besides they wouldn’t sound so beautiful without the melody, either. Pity.

On a totally different note, my currently-reading -list keeps on growing, which will eventually drive me nuts – once again. Luckily I have the old and trustworthy, Goodreads, to remind me of all the books I’ve started and never finished. Right now (as you may or may not see from the little box on the bottom of the blog) my currently-reading list has 6 books, although in reality this is a lot more! Surprisingly all these books seem to be totally diffent from each other, just to show how much I really don’t know how to choose a book – or what sort of books people make me read, also.
Also kind of surprisingly half of the books are in Portuguese, even though only one of them is originally written in the language (I assume, I was given no info about the book, with the book – tried to google, but, well…).

What am I reading, then and why?
Walden, by Henry David Thoreau. Because it’s supposed to be a classic and inspirational and full of high thoughts. (which it is) Because I studied other essays and thoughts from him, as well as Emerson and transcendentalism and so on, in a course of North American Literature, and I wanted to read this one, too, based on quotes the teacher showed and the whole story of Thoreau ‘abandoning’ all to live alone in a forest. I mean.. Why not?

Onde Moram as Sombras (Where the Shadows Lie), by Michael Ridpath. Because it has to do with Lord of the Rings and Islandic legends. Come on, a book in Portuguese by a native English author about stuff happening in Iceland (and there’s even some Finnish words there, woo!), with crime and history and literature and legends. Yes.

Oogy, by Larry Levin. Because it was a Christmas present from my boyfriend (because he knew I wanted it). Because I’m nuts over dogs. All dogs. Every single one. If you don’t know that, you don’t know me.

Kristian, by Juha Vuorinen. Because, very simply, my dad laughed his head off reading it, my mum read it, and now it’s my turn to be amused by it. Sort of.

The Passage, by Justin Cronin. Because a ‘hell yeah’ for books about vampires that actually do some damage! No, seriously, if someone likes Twilight, good for them. Because I went to a conference on Dracula and other vampire stuff at my University, and it was mentioned that this book would be one of the creepiest books on viral vampires ‘ever’. Because since the first page, I’ve loved every single one of them, all the people, all the stories, all the desperation of a more or less imminent apocalypse. Because zombies scare me s**tless and I can’t stop reading and watching stuff about them, and these creatures are basically a mixture of the two.

Jerusalem, by Gonçalo M. Tavares. Because I made one of my colleagues/friends/aqcuaintances read a Finnish book (the amazing Unknown Soldier by Väinö Linna), and he was kind enough to torture me with a Portuguese one. And because of course I have to start it right away…

And still waiting if I have to read some books for school. Some weeks in already, and still no clue!

Thinking about books I’m reading, and books I like, and especially this whole ‘suggesting’ books to people you know, but not necessarily well enough, made me think. About what? Well, how should I put.. How much does it tell about me, that I’m reading book X, or that I like book Y?
I’ve already written an extensive post on my three ‘favorite’ books; the Unknown Soldier, Wuthering Heights and Et si c’etait vrai (as far as I remember that’s the title). If my favorite book is a book about war, (I very much enjoy other war stories as well, f.ex. The Red Badge of Courage), could you tell what kind of person I am based on that notion?

Or by looking through my Goodreads, would that reveal something crucial about my personality?
Perhaps not. But maybe it does.
And if it does, no one should ever lend other people their favorite book, because what if the other doesn’t like it at all?


4 thoughts on “Currently Reading

  1. Thanks for finding the time to read my post, along with all the other stuff you’re reading. I like to see what other people are reading when I can’t come up with something on my own.

    1. Thank you for your comment! I’m not actually reading everything at once, more like stopping one in the middle and starting another. I love starting books, but eventually run out of time so I forget to finish them!

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