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School and Poetry

So, once again, instead of studying and reading things for tomorrow’s Marketing class, I’m playing lazy and writing unnecessary posts on my blog. In case you haven’t noticed yet, I’m really not that interested. I just can’t get myself excited about anything related to school – or anything related to anything else, either, for that matter. I don’t know why, and I’m really hoping it ends soon, so I could like, I don’t know, smile a little?

Speaking of.
Something horrible happened today, in school. Something that will cause me nightmares and I will have to spend an eternity trying to heal the traumas. As I so beautifully put it before; “I feel like I sold my soul to the devil!”
Okay, fine, maybe I’m being a little dramatic here, but I did indeed have to go way off when it comes to my principles and please my teacher, since I didn’t feel like getting yelled at, right at that moment. I had to say “adveeertisment” (British) instead of “advertaisment” (American).
And yes, it was traumatic.

Not to mention the fact that another teacher asked me to read in Portuguese in front of people around whom I’m not comfortable talking Portuguese,  and that I panicked and someone else had to read it.
All in all the language issue is not really a problem; I have no problem talking Portuguese to certain people. But if I’ve only talked with someone in one language, and suddenly I have to say something in another, either to them or to someone else in front of them, my brain just pulls the curtains on and pretends it went out for lunch. “Be back soon, when the danger is over.”
Then I got home and decided I really have to work on it, damn it.

Anyhow, in regards to the whole advertisement thing, I got a line on my head while on my way home, that said “and inside I wept” – I tend to exaggerate even when I’m thinking to myself, yes, very much. And here’s what it led to:

A Man

He was a man of many powers,
but a man who hardly slept.
He got along without no troubles,
with all the people he met.
Still, due to all the million bothers
that in his mind had crept,
he laughed out loud to all the others,
but deep inside he wept.

It seems very simple, perhaps, and that it is, also. However, hidden there are some actual thoughts of mine, and it’s probably the first one ever I write with a ‘he’. I’ve written some ‘she’ -poems (The Quiet Queen), but never of a male character. No, wait! I did write Warrior! I wonder how I forgot about that… Although, Warrior can be read to be about something more general, too, not just one single male. So not exactly the same thing.
Anyhow, this funny little poem gave me some ideas I haven’t really explored yet, so maybe I’ll be writing something related soon enough.

End of useless rant.



2 thoughts on “School and Poetry

  1. “I had to say “adveeertisment” (British) instead of “advertaisment” (American).
    And yes, it was traumatic.” – Omg, yes! I could literally see you flinch when you said that! lmao.

    I like the rhythm of this poem. It flows very well. Probably because of the same abab rhymes. It’s very nice 🙂

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