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Poem: Still


How many times have I told you ‘I love you’, in my head?
How many times have I almost said it face to face?
Still I feel like you avoid my gentle gaze –
like it was something that would hurt you, cause you pain.
I’m not the one you think of when you lie alone in bed,
no – I know by now there is nothing here for me to gain.
Still every day perhaps a thousand times
I say those words and look you in the eyes;
take you softly by the hand – you don’t resist;
I just need to make you see that I exist.
How many times indeed have I done this?
How many times still will I have to do it more?
I’ve shrunk until what’s left is just a core;
still I find that there’s no stopping what I do.
So when you meet your brown eyes in the mirror, blow a kiss –
and please tell them how I miss you.



2 thoughts on “Poem: Still

  1. I am always tempted to share your poems and such on facebook, but I don´t because people deserve their “privacy” (if you get what I mean)… Oh but this one :S it just touches me where it hurts the most, still it is so beautiful and touching…

    1. Oh, you can always share whatever you want, I wouldn’t mind at all.. 🙂
      And I’m really glad you like the poem, it is one of my personal favorites, too.. 🙂

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