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Poem: Pink and Green

This week I should be really really busy with school work. Should be. But who cares, it’s finally sunny outside and even our literature teacher made us sing and dance in class today. So when I got home, I finally ‘sat down’ and forced out a poem that was hidden somewhere deep enough not to want to make itself known to me, but still so that I could feel it somewhere in there, bothering me all through the day. For a couple of days.

So. Pink is the color of fuzzy love and green is the color of horrid envy. The two main features of a teenage crush.

Pink and Green

Under the broken edge of these skinny jeans,
the untied laces of my used DC’s.
The pink on the side spells out “my (uncorrupted) love for thee”.
Well, no. But at least it does for me.
And ultimately, it makes me feel
like I did, when I was just a teen.

Your gentle touch, your softly tanned skin,
so close to me and yet so far it seems.
And when those brown eyes pause on me,
oh! my breath pauses with them, weak.
And so does my brain – no thoughts within,
just endless echoes of unwritten memories.

And I would tell you all my secrets, all of me,
if just once again I could be that silly teen;
not really hide my feelings – tell it how it is.
My friends would call me crazy, I can see,
but it would not end badly, no, that couldn’t be.
No, it would be just like those romantic comedies.



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