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One Down, One to Go

Oh, wow. One project down! One more to go (and one more test), and so far I don’t even know what I’d write about. But yay! One done. Still, even if I’ve worked my butt off with this one, I feel like the essay itself is way too general and doesn’t exactly give any details in regards to anything, which would not be a very good thing, I think.
I probably should’ve chosen a smaller topic. And yet, the idea is to compare something to something, so there’d always be too much things in too small a space. Ten pages for an essay like that! Uh, torture.
The only course where I actually have trouble reaching the limit is Irish Literature, and this is exactly the one essay I have left to do. We’ll see how that goes. Tomorrow. Not today. Today I rest my brain. It has deserved it.

But well, it was a nice day today. I went out to the stores – walked – by myself, at 11 in the morning, and bought two pairs of jeans, for myself. And then took a long way home via the Street of the Many Shoes and enjoyed the sights.
(And what’s not a better way to end a good day than to break a glass in the sink while cooking?)

I’m really not a big fan of giving oral presentations on a project before writing the essay itself. In this case, we had to give two of them. I always manage to include things that are not in any way relevant to the issue, and then try to squeeze them into the written part too, so that it becomes totally cluttered in the end. Or then I think that there’s plenty of time in a presentation to talk about an X number of things, but when it comes to writing a rather short – it is short for me! – written work that’s supposed to include all of them, and all of them in a thorough way, well then you’re in trouble! But I got it done, all nice and squeezed into the 10 pages allowed. (including bibliography, I mean what the… ugh.)

In regards to Irish, I still have at least one commentary (in addition to the essay) to write, but at least I managed to read the play today. Cuddled up on the sofa under a nice blankie for an hour or two and just went ahead and read it. Took notes of it later, so that I don’t need to read it again. Oh, that would be such a bummer.

Well, it’ll be easier now that we’re so close to the finish line already. : ) Although my stress-related facial muscle tension (I just love to say that, it sounds so much better than ‘my face hurts’) is still acting up, that bastard.

Btw, that image looks just like me these day, except that it’s missing a laptop and I don’t have a lamp. By boyfriend actually caught me “sleeping” in quite a similar pose today.


2 thoughts on “One Down, One to Go

  1. I also had trouble reaching the limit -> 5 pages for my essay (we had a 5 to 7 page min. and max.). LMAO. I wrote 9 pages free-hand plus introduction and conclusion and was like ‘oh no, I wrote too much’ but then writing it out on the laptop I had 4 and a half pages….technically it counts as five pages, right? Well, I sent already anyway… Note to self: also write double the pages when writing free-hand.
    Oh, and the bibliography didn’t count.
    Btw, I do have a lamp: it has a piper boy and a goat doning it XD mom’s tastes… very antique-ish though πŸ˜€

  2. I always figured that as long as the page number matches, it doesn’t matter if the last page is all the way down.. πŸ˜€ And yea, usually bibliography doesn’t count, right, but for some reason our teacher decided to count it… I mean really… πŸ˜›

    When I showed Nelson the picture and said about the lamp thing, all he said was “Do you want a lamp?” and I’m like “On the dinner table? No?!” πŸ˜€

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