mine · poetry

Poem: Waiting


The lack I call
the lack of uselessness is back.
And I miss how we would never kiss
but almost,
that smile would dance upon your lips.

Hands on hips.
What would it matter?
And why does it matter to me?

Pushing through the fabric, canvas, wailing.
Looking for an answer:
why, why?
While in the wind the trees are gently waving
and summer breeze brings
birds out to the sky.

Why doesn’t it get dark then?
Why is it only cold when
your soul is for a moment next to mine?
Seems the paradise they found
got lost, it may happen.
And we wait forever for the sun to shine.

It doesn’t, though,
not while I miss the way
you always brighten up my day.
And the way you go, and I’m alone,
waiting for a miracle.


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