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Poem: Control

Control Where words are spelled in hieroglyphs, where faeries dance and wicked nymphs sing silent hallelujah. Where a misty breeze helps swing the swing and bravest waves their presents bring, such brilliant hallelujah. But storm the surface, numb the sense, break it down, breach the innocence: Rumbling. Closer. Trumpets blow. Cannons. Whistles. Gears in motion.… Continue reading Poem: Control

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Much Ado About Reading

Or Currently reading. Although I’m not currently reading all these books. I should be currently reading. Still, one by one, I suppose. Anywho. University. Master’s degree. Thesis. Bibliography. Hashtag. I’m apparently writing about Authorship and Fanfiction, or something related to those two topics, and this is a selection of books that I have so far… Continue reading Much Ado About Reading